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Hostel of Navarrete in La Rioja

Municipal pilgrims’ hostels in La Rioja

The Way of Saint James enters La Rioja through Logroño. During three stages, pilgrims cross the landscapes of La Rioja on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Twenty-four days of more than twenty kilometres each lie ahead.

The pilgrimage to the tomb of the apostle Saint James is a spiritual journey, but it also involves physical effort. That is why rest is essential to reach the goal and avoid injury.

The pilgrim who wants to live the experience in an improvised way can decide where to spend the night once you reach the end of your stage. However, it is advisable to know the accommodation options, ranging from 4-star hotels to shared rooms.

La Rioja offers a network of municipal hostels exclusively for pilgrims. These establishments have all the necessary services and reduced prices. In them, it is compulsory to present the pilgrim credential. This passport can be obtained in some of the establishments themselves.

Stage 8. Logroño

In the heart of the city centre of Logroño, Rúa Vieja 32, you will find this hostel exclusively for pilgrims. It has a capacity for 68 people divided into three rooms. The price per night is between 7-10€ and includes a fitted sheet, although the sleeping bag is compulsory. This hostel has all the necessary services.

Municipal hostel in Logroño.

Municipal hostel in Logroño.

This municipal hostel is located just over ten kilometres from Logroño. In Navarrete, San Juan Street 2, pilgrims will find this establishment with a capacity for 34 people in three rooms. It has a laundry service and the price per night is 7€.

Stage 9. Nájera

This hostel is in the Santiago Square s/n, in the old Red Cross pavilion. Pilgrims who wish to stay here can enjoy the waters of the River Najerilla. It has a capacity for a total of 90 people and does not accept reservations. The price per night is free, and they only request the will. It has all the necessary services.

Municipal hostel in Nájera.

Municipal hostel in Nájera.

Six kilometres from Nájera pilgrims can find this pilgrim hostel in the town of Azofra. It has a capacity for 60 people divided into 30 rooms. The hostel is in the street Las Parras 7, accepts reservations in advance and the price per night is 10€. It has all the necessary services for pilgrims.

Stage 10. Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada does not have a public accommodation service for pilgrims. However, other religious-run options offer affordable prices for pilgrims.

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