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Everything will be on wheels in Santiago

The Way of Everything will be on wheels: from León to Santiago

Hello, pilgrims. We are “everything will be on wheels”, and we have done the French Way by bike, from León to Santiago de Compostela. The experts say that it is the most “comfortable” if we compare it with the Primitive Way or the North Way. We can’t give our opinion on this because this was our first experience.

The truth is that the first stage was pretty easy. The remaining five stages are of medium and hard difficulty, not suitable for people in low physical shape. For us, the hardest was O Cebreiro, this stage is very challenging on the bike, but it is worth living it.

The whole Way has a very kind atmosphere. It is fantastic as a personal challenge, and we are already thinking about preparing for the next adventure. Those of you who like cycling and practise this sport will love it!

Regards and remember that all will be on wheels.

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